Food Safety Level 2 | 17 December 2016

“I found the course really useful for myself (…) I feel much more confident now regarding safety and organisation. Every aspect of the course is and will be useful for me in my job.”

Ships’ Cook | 31 March 2017

“Everything starting from organization to the preparation, all perfect.”

Food Safety Level 3 | 31 March 2017

“Everything was very interested and explained in a really good way, thanks Secrets de Cuisine.”

Ships’ Cook | 31 March 2017

“Going right back to basics and doing things I have not done since I was an apprentice. Also, combining the food hygiene is great, it gave me refreshed theory knowledge before the season.”

Ships’ Cook | 4 March 2017

“The instructors were extremely helpful, informative and made me feel calm when I started to over think things. I learnt so much from the course and am really thankful to Duncan and Cedric.”

Ships’ Cook | 17 January 2017

“Helpful team, perfect in communication, punctuality, great experience overall.”

Ships’ Cook | 17 December 2016

“I found the bakery and pastries prep course excellent. I have more confidence and from now on I will provide to my guests much more variety of desserts and fresh breads. Chefs of Secrets de Cuisine have really high culinary knowledge and they are very helpful.”

Ships’ Cook | 25 September 2016

“The course is extremely relevant for the yachting industry with a vast amount of industry knowledge enhancing the training package from both Cedric and Duncan. The course is not easy but with that level of instruction and a sound industry background it is perfectly achievable. Both instructors bring ample skills and teaching ability to the course providing a well rounded preparation for the assessment phase. The written exam is thorough and tests depth knowledge. Both practical assessments were enjoyable and I particularly appreciated how hard both instructors work to keep you at ease under exam conditions. I feel like I have been tested but I never felt that what was being asked was beyond reasonable expectations of a chef or the mandate of the MCA and the ships cook assessment criteria.”

Food Safety Level 2 | 25 September 2016

“Training flow was excellent, and delivered efficiently in the time allotted. Duncan was a confident, competent and engaging instructor with a sound industry background that enhanced the training packages. High encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject enhanced the broader knowledge and added value to the course. The training media was clear and the content of the course was covered fully without gaps.”

Food Safety Level 2 | 30 August 2016

“Duncan was a fab trainer and made a subject that can be at times a bit dull, very interesting. The course was informative and I certainly benefitted from it. Looking forward to doing the next level.”