Cooking course

A cooking course with Secrets de cuisine ?

Would you like to take a look “backstage” in a professional chef’s kitchen? Would you also like to learn some of their cooking secrets? By taking one of our courses you can, you can learn some professional techniques, master the art of timing and the marriage of flavours – get your apron on!

It is also important to note that during the courses you can either eat in the school or take your dishes home with you. You can also, if you wish, make several portions of your dish for your family or colleagues for example. We provide courses that are both useful and fun – don’t hesitate to ask us about our timetables.

When you participate in a cooking course, we supply you everything to realize your recipe. During the course, you go to learn with the chef, the tricks and the techniques of gourmet restaurants. Also know that you can at the end of the course taste your dish or take it! Also, you have the possibility of cooking one or several portions, for your family or your colleagues for example …

You can combine the useful for the pleasant! Not hesitate any more and consult our schedules of course… Our cooking course will be Saturday for a duration from 1h or 2h.

How to book a cooking with Secrets de cuisine ?

Consult our schedule, you can reserve directly online. If you benefit from a gift vouchers, you have to call us to reserve and come with the gift vouchers. You can reserve a maximum 24 hours before the course.

The course can be the object of an adjournment in case the minimun number of participant would not be reached. Minimum 4 participants, Maximum 12 participants.

A private cooking course ?

Yes it’s possible ! For a birthday, A bachelorette party, for a special occasion or still for a meal between friends, or with your family… You can participate in a privative cooking course. You realize your menu with the chef and after you eat in our space privatized. Contact us !