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Ship's cook and food safety training

As a part of the MLC 2006, vessels carry more than 10 crew members onboard and operating commercially are required to have a qualified ship's cook. Secrets de cuisine in conjonction with Bluewater yachting is an MCA approved assessment centre. We also provide Food safety level 2 and 3.

Top brand galley and pantry equipment

As chefs ourselves, we know how important equipment can be. In secrets de cuisine we have over 32000 products availble and more the 30 different brand. Just ask, we can get you anything you need.

Cooking courses for individual and companies

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What's the ship's cook certificate ?

Open up new perspectives by obtaining your certificate

"It is a now (as of August 7th 2014) a requirement for all Chef/Cooks on board charter yachts only with 10 crew or more to have an MCA Ships Cook Certificated member of crew onboard at all times; this is because of changes in the law brought about by the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006).

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Help you succeed with your ship's cook certificate


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Get knowledge about galley management, food safety, MARPOL, health and safety at sea, nutrition ect...

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Yacht chef

The course gave me in depth knowledge not only in food hygiene and safety ,but the standards and procedures to run high calibre galley departments on a professional level.

Yacht chef

The prep course was good and good feedback from the chefs. It was also a great opportunity to meet other chefs from the industry

Yacht chef

It was useful to go over classic cookery methods that I haven't revisited since college! I would highly recommend the course and I think it's a great thing for the industry.

Yacht chef

The course was directed towards galley chefs which I found useful regarding Marpol, port state audits and provisioning. The pastry practical exam I found testing but was very good to get you back to basics.

Yacht chef

The course was very informative and well taught.

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