Digital food safety for yachts

Where did the idea of creating a digital food safety solution come from?

While running food safety courses, I have come to realise that a great deal of paperwork was required from you in order to comply with the law and show due diligence in food safety.

A couple of years ago, we have launched a paper SOP implementation program to make your life easier, than the need for a digital solution became obvious.

We have been studying the market, and investigated different options, but we couldn’t find a solution which would be versatile enough to be used on a yacht. Therefore, gathering a team of talented developers, we have created it, keeping in mind the operational aspect, the ease of use, and of course, compliance with the current legislative framework. The solution is not only for yachts, it is designed to cover the full HACCP scope for any businesses dealing with food.

This venture has brought us to create a new company under the name The HACCP app

This digital food safety software solution comprises more than 20 modules to fit perfectly with your business needs, it includes wireless temperature sensors, printer and a smart QR code process to remove manual entries as much as possible. 

Of course coming from the training trade, creating “just a digital solution” was not quite enough.

I believe that a proper food safety culture coupled with continuous training is , more than anything, and especially more than any tool, the most efficient way to serve safe food. In order to offer a 360 food safety experience, I have created a dynamic blog, full of educational articles, posters, templates and and expert’s guides. Everything on this blog is available to download for free.

If you would like to give it go, you can create a 15 day free account here (no credit card required)


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